It can take three to six months for a nipple piercing to heal completely, according to the Center for Young Women's Health. During the healing process, the.

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Changing nipple piercing jewelry

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Gold and platinum are appropriate as well. It isn't wise to try going up a size on your own the first time you change your nipple rings, especially if you can't use a threaded taper to assist in the process. Our Nipple Rings section is broken down by style so you can jump right to the variety that appeals to you most.

Changing nipple piercing jewelry

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Common metals for nipple jewelry are surgical steel, titanium and niobium. Jewelry Taper Use one if you're going to replace your starter jewelry with threaded jewelry like straight barbells or even circular barbells. The part that goes through the fistula is straight, but the exposted part of the ring is curved.

Changing nipple piercing jewelry

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You don't want to clog the healing fistulas, trapping in bacteria and potentially leading to infection or prolonging the healing process. However, if an emergency arises and you're pressed for time--say you were just in a car accident and are being whisked off to the ER for tests to see if you have any broken bones or internal injuries--then you may just have to take out your jewelry and hope for the best. Water-Based Lubricant Consider using a product like Astroglide.

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Best Methods for Changing Nipple Jewelry When you feel ready to try changing your nipple jewelry, there are a few supplies you should consider gathering to make the transition easier: Bent barbells make the second-best type of starter jewelry, since, like straight barbells, they're also less likely to put excessive downard pressure on your healing fistulas. If they're pressing in, it can cause necrosis i. Are your nipples discharging lymph clear fluid that dries to a whitish crust regularly still, periodically, or not at all now?

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It's not always easy to conceal dangle nipple rings under everyday clothes, but when you want to add a special touch to your boudouire attire, it's fun to have at least one pair on hand. It isn't wise to try going up a size on your own the first time you change your nipple rings, especially if you can't use a threaded taper to assist in the process. Water-Based Lubricant Consider using a product like Astroglide.


If your starter jewelry has external threading, buy internally-threaded nipple jewelry with a complementary thread pattern, and screw the two pieces of jewelry together before removing your starter jewelry. When you're ready to begin, unscrew one of the decorative ends from one of your new pieces of jewelry. Once you're healed, though, circular barbells and pinchers make awesome nipple rings. We have an entire section dedicated to nipple piercings where you can learn about other people's experiences and post questions for our knowledgeable moderators and experienced community members to answer.

Easy instructions and tips for changing jewelry yourself. Nipple, navel, and genital piercings can last for a lifetime, but even so the piercing can shrink quickly if. I received a message from a woman whose nipples I pierced and she had questions about changing the jewelry: Hello Elayne! I got my nipples pierced by you. Apr 5, - First thing you always do before changing jewellery is WASH YOUR HANDS The Nipple Piercing - This will depend on your nipple size hehe.

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If you see a style you like, click the category link to see all similar nipple jewelry available in that section of our Retail Store. These are the most inert metals, and therefore the least likely to trigger allergic reactions. Nipple Piercing Procedure When performing a nipple piercing, the piercer first cleans the areola and surrounding skin with surgical scrub or iodine.

Changing nipple piercing jewelry

If you have any or all of these symptoms, see your doctor right away and ask if you need to start taking an antibiotic. You can do it with a piercer's help earlier in the healing process, if you have to because of issues like swelling necessitating longer barbells. They're a favorite among men's nipple jewelry, and not something you see every day!

Changing nipple piercing jewelry

Changing nipple piercing jewelry

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    Keep up With Your Nipple Piercing Aftercare Once you have the right jewelry, be sure to keep up with your nipple piercing aftercare!

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    Don't be fooled by the ones labeled as tongue ring retainers or belly button ring retainers; they're just straight barbells and bent barbells made of acrylic or glass that you can sub into your piercings in place of your regular jewelry for as long as needed.

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