A traditional wedding in Cambodia is a long, complicated and expensive affair which lasts for days, requiring many multiple ceremonies with various kinds of.

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Cambodian wedding ceremony

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Wedding ceremonies are usually held in the bride's home. Nowadays the wedding is held during a day and then the next night. Cambodian Weddings A typical Cambodian wedding is comprised of different ceremonies, lots of music, a dinner banquet, gifts, and, of course, people! The praises are acknowledged and witnessed by the loud sound of the gong and joyful cheer.

Cambodian wedding ceremony

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The trays of meats, fruits, pastries, drinks, and desserts are given in pairs. In accordance to Cambodian tradition, Oum Shi and other relatives met and discussed the wedding proposal with the groom's family, which led to the engagement of the two at the beginning of last year.

Cambodian wedding ceremony

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All pictures and videos belong to me. While cutting, he gives the best wishes for the couple such as happiness, prosperity and longevity.

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My groom just wore his suit this time, while I was in a bright pink outfit and matching tiara. Some of them go overboard with the perfume!

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Flanked by two best men, the bridegroom waited at the entrance where banana trees were tied to the pillars. Three years had gone, so she was married to her neighbor villager but on the wedding day, the knight appeared and took out his sword and killed the man who was the groom.

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It is also difficult for the guests travelling to wedding party and it is when farmers are busy with their fields. Khmer people usually do this at every important occasion or event, like the lunar new year, baby welcoming parties 1-month birthday and harvest moon festivals. When her eldest daughter got married a few months ago, the occasion was rather elaborate. This involved an officiant who read our vows, which we repeated to each other the "for better or worse" type of vows , an exchange of rings, a butterfly release, and a kiss.

Cambodian weddings traditionally consisted of ceremonies and celebrations lasting three days and three nights. Three is considered to be an especially. Weddings can not be held on the birthday of either bride or groom, religious holidays, Khmer New Year etc. On the other side engagement ceremonies can be. Jul 1, - Traditional Cambodian ceremonies mixed with a Western traditions created one memorable fusion Cambodian wedding!

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Just before its beggining people walk around the area where it will be held. Some families do not allow their children to marry in the rain season and some delay it for two years after the engagement ceremony because of the fortune telling. After the wedding, the couple and their entourage also go to nearby parks or the palace rounds on the third day.

Cambodian wedding ceremony

Also, I use the word Khmer and Cambodian interchangeably. The couple walked into the house carrying a silver container containing flowers from the areca nut tree and other offerings.

Cambodian wedding ceremony

Cambodian wedding ceremony

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