Estate Sale Organizing Requires Compassion, Understanding and Flexibility. You'll Get That From Us And More! Are you dealing with the stress and emotions.

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Busy bee estate sales

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We will even pack up the items you want and make sure they are mailed professionally to you. I spent a month going thru every nook and cranny of the house to see what we could sell. If you live out of state and want us to send you pictures or a video so you can see the items, great!

Busy bee estate sales

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If you change your mind about letting something go in the sale, take it back! You and your staff came to my house, set up the whole sale, researched prices on every item, priced everything and then you sold it all. We'll be there for you.

Busy bee estate sales

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I spent a month going thru every nook and cranny of the house to see what we could sell. I can now walk thru my house. You made a negative situation into a positive one for us. Your hard work made it easier for us.

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I can not say enough great things about them. We'll be there for you. You guys are a blessing from God. We will work with your wants and needs to help you through not just the sale but the emotional roller coaster that you may be experiencing.

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The sale they organized for me was incredibly successful-absolutely stress free and my home and the things that were being sold were taken such good care of. We highly recommend Busy Bee.

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We take over everything from labeling and sorting, placing ads for you, staging, pricing, cleaning and taking pictures of leftovers. We'll be there for you.

Published on Sep 13, BUSY BEE ESTATE SALES OKC, WEEKEND SALE, OKLAHOMA CITY, ANTIQUE. View information about Busy Bee Moving Sales. They run estate liquidations (estate sales, tag sales, auctions, etc) in the Nashville area. Moving and Estate Sale Services in Nashville Tennessee.

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Video about busy bee estate sales:

Pat and Leon O. Our goal is to make you smile, laugh, and have the best experience possible during this difficult transition. I can now walk thru my house.

Busy bee estate sales

We really appreciate all of your help! I got paid the next day.

Busy bee estate sales

Busy bee estate sales

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  1. Juktilar says:

    Kind, responsible, resourceful, professional. It is difficult to let go of things you no longer need but bring back memories.

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