Brooklyn Boys Pizza Ne Commercial Cir Keystone Heights, FL 1 Chen Yummy Chicken Cr Keystone Heights, FL 16 China Chef E.

Brooklyn boys keystone heights fl

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July 22, Ever wondered what the best places to chow down in Keystone Heights were? Be sure to try out the shrimp pesto pizza if you're looking to try something a bit different than what you're used to.

Brooklyn boys keystone heights fl

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Julia's Midtown Cafe Julia's isn't known for being a restaurant as much as an ice cream parlor, but I wouldn't dare not mention them because of how great the food is! Pizza Hut S.

Brooklyn boys keystone heights fl


Convenience is the name of the game here, as you can pick up your food or have it delivered, it's up to you! My overall favorite from the list is Tom's High on the Hog Barbeque.

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Charlie Bigg's Fried Chicken A fried chicken joint attached to a gas station might not seem very review-worthy, but this place has some of the best chicken in Keystone! Their triple treat box comes with appetizers, pizza, as well as dessert. The con of eating here is how unhealthy it is.

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This affordable spot is a great choice if you're not trying to spend a ton of money on your lunch or dinner for the day. Julia's is located in very center of town, which makes it a hotspot for kids and families looking for an easy place to grab a bite. Keystone Inn Keystone Inn is on the outskirts of Keystone Heights, but still manages to keep a consistent group of regular customers. I hope you enjoyed my list and expand your personal list of places to eat in Keystone Heights!

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If you want the sports bar experience without having to travel to Gainesville, definitely consider going to McHenry's. Each meal comes with a VERY generous portion of food, guaranteed to fill up even the biggest eater you know!

Twin Lakes Park Keystone Heights FL. See it on Bing Address: S Twin Lakes Rd, Keystone Heights, FL ; Phone: () . Brooklyn Boys. Brooklyn Boys, Ne Commercial Cir, Keystone Heights, FL - Restaurant inspection findings and violations. Sat 6 at PM ERODE returns to Brooklyn Boy's Pizza/ Long Island Beach Bar and we'll be playing classic Rock/Metal songs from some of our 6 - Apr 7.

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Of all the Mexican places I've eaten at, Laredo is one of my favorite. It's the hidden gem in Keystone Heights restaurant culture.

Brooklyn boys keystone heights fl

The food is very, very good. The Frozen Pelican The Frozen Pelican is a newcomer to the Keystone food scene, but they've quickly become the place to go for shaved ice and hot dogs.

Brooklyn boys keystone heights fl

Brooklyn boys keystone heights fl

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McHenry's is a massive place, with big motivation TVs everywhere and a very sensation needed head. The cheese is very, very platform.
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    The service is good, with friendly serving staff to make up for the food just being average. If you can ignore how unhealthy the food you're putting into your body is, give this place a try!

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    If you want the sports bar experience without having to travel to Gainesville, definitely consider going to McHenry's. The food is great, and always fresh which is great if you don't want to eat fast food.

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