FUN FACT: Blue whale fart bubbles are big enough to enclose a horse! @MatPatGT Things I didn't consider existed until today: Blue Whale Fart Bubbles.

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Blue whale fart bubble

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Are there any mechanisms that would allow for the build up pressure before a release of those gases, or would whale flatulence be more akin to a slow and steady leak of air from a tire? The West Indian manatee has pouches in its intestines where it can store farty gasses.

Blue whale fart bubble

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It hovers, drifts in the breeze, dampens our faces, jackets, and hands. Those bubbles, in point of fact, quite clearly could not contain a horse. The pee of finback whales Finback whales, a member of the baleen whales which includes humpbacks, pee the equivalent of 3 bathtubs, every single day. There are, as well, a number of purported videos or photographs allegedly capturing whale flatulence.

Blue whale fart bubble

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Humpback whale swimming in Antarctica. Not everybody, however, agrees with this conclusion. Mimic human speech Whales have been known to mimic human speech, with one notable case of a captive Beluga whale perfecting the art so much that he used to trick his diving-trainer into thinking someone was shouting for him to come up to the surface. Orcas that kill sharks Orcas have been known to kill sharks by head-butting them in the stomach from below, causing them to explode.

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These two interpretations could come down to how a fart referred to in scientific circles as flatus , is defined. With a Canadian accent, we presume.

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Thanks to the ideal gas law , we know that at higher pressures deeper in the water, a gas will take up less volume and expand as it rises. The odor is blunt and pungent, almost a taste in the mouth, an unholy mingling of fart and fishiness—hundreds of gallons of air forcefully expelled from its lungs, laced with the fumes of half-digested krill, hundreds of pounds of these slow-dissolving crustaceans fermenting in its stomach. The water erupts just ahead of our boat—a blow of mist. Why are we using a horse as a way to measure fart size in the first place?

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Buoyancy is vital for swimming manatees, and they rely on digestive gas to keep them afloat. The whale with the largest testicles Humpback whales have the largest …hmm…member in the world, measuring a whopping 2.

Nov 7, - Post with 17 votes and views. Shared by Mookystick. Blue Whale fart bubbles are large enough to enclose a horse! Sep 21, - Blue Whale fart bubbles can be large enough to enclose a . So it's gas pains is the sound a whales makes. holy fart bubbles Batman I solve. FUN FACT: Blue whale fart bubbles are big enough to enclose a horse! @MatPatGT Things I didn't consider existed until today: Blue Whale Fart Bubbles.

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Does It Fart provides an admittedly broad definition: Not everybody, however, agrees with this conclusion. This, of course, leads to farts.

Blue whale fart bubble

If things are working normally, the methane produced by their gut bacteria is absorbed into their bloodstream and eventually breathed out. For example, do whales actually fart?

Blue whale fart bubble

Blue whale fart bubble

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