Feb 19, - Birthmark Meanings, Location on Body, Shape, Color, Myths, Past Life, Astrology, Pictures, Hindi & Chinese. You might be wondering what.

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Birthmark meanings chinese

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So, she will be very attractive and will easily win the hearts of men. If you are a male, it means you like household duties such as taking care of children and household chores.

Birthmark meanings chinese

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If you are a male, it means you like household duties such as taking care of children and household chores. Birthmark on Lip Meaning In case you have a birthmark on your lip, then it means that you like speaking and asking many questions. Not all birthmarks appear exactly at birth, but sometimes can appear much later.

Birthmark meanings chinese

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However, the attractiveness and style will only be outward. Besides, you will also extend this love and care to all other people, who will love you back.

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Similarly, birthmarks can be used to trace your ancestry. Women with such a mole will attract men, either good or bad, for no reason and they should identify clearly.

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Birthmarks appear in different colors. A birthmark on the right shoulder means that you will be wealthy.


You will also be very rich due to your engagement in politics because you will be in a senior position that is well paid. You cannot make your ow decisions but wait for others to decide for you. You will be very proactively committed to achieve your set goals. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can appear almost anywhere on the body.

Jun 27, - If your didn't know, there's a lot of speculation out there about the meaning of birthmarks. The placement, the purpose, what they could be a. Aug 12, - If you are reading this, either you or your baby probably have a birthmark, maybe even both. It wouldn't be surprising as birthmarks are. Aug 14, - Do the birthmarks adorning your physical body have any kind of special spiritual meaning? Some people believe they may have deeper.

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What Do Birthmarks Mean on Body? Such birthmarks include Salmon patches, port-wine stains and strawberry hemangiomas.

Birthmark meanings chinese

In this belief, the ecclesial bodies determine the location, size, shape and color of the birthmarks. Birthmark on Leg Meaning In case your birthmark lies anywhere on your right or left leg, it means that you will be dependent on other people. Therefore, you will excel in your endeavors, including your academics, your career and businesses.

Birthmark meanings chinese

Birthmark meanings chinese

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    If it is on the upper part, it suggests the poor relationship with parents; if it is in the middle, it reminds being taken advantage by others; if it is on the lower part, it indicates the poor luck for wealth in life. Birthmark on the right side of the forehead:

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    Birthmark Location Meanings A birthmark may have a certain meaning, just by virtue of where it lies on your body. Birthmark on Back Meaning Birthmark on lower back:

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