Apr 12, - Former attorney general Loretta Lynch speaks with The Post's The tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton and why she didn't kick him off her plane.

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Bill clinton loretta lynch plane


And her ethics, I repeat, are the best. Again, none of it is true.

Bill clinton loretta lynch plane


He denied that he delayed his departure from Phoenix, where he was participating in campaign events for his wife, in order to speak to her. I don't think she lying. Again, none of it is true.

Bill clinton loretta lynch plane

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The Deputy Chief of Staff said that they quickly realized that the meeting was problematic, because Clinton was not just the former President but was also the husband of someone who was under investigation. I think she's doing pretty damn good," Reid said. Lynch told reporters Wednesday in Los Angeles that she and the former president did not discuss the ongoing investigation into his wife. John Cornyn, a Republican, said the incident is why a "Special Counsel" should take over the email investigation "This incident does nothing to instill confidence in the American people that her department can fully and fairly conduct this investigation, and that's why a Special Counsel is needed now more than ever," Cornyn said in a statement.


Supposedly new information about the meeting came to light, the post said. According to a law enforcement official familiar with the matter, the former president saw Lynch's plane on the tarmac and walked onto her aircraft.

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He called for a special prosecutor to handle the case as far back as last September and renewed his concerns Thursday morning on Twitter. So you have two choices: After a few minutes of then chatting with Lynch, Clinton then moved tote bags she had placed on a bench, and took a seat to keep talking. The Manhattan billionaire decried the meeting as "terrible," "horrible," "amazing" and "really a sneak" in a radio interview with "The Mike Gallagher Show.

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The meeting is raising questions about whether the independence of the Justice Department, which is conducting an investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server, might have been compromised. I think she's doing pretty damn good," Reid said. He spoke about Phoenix, golf, their travels and their grandchildren, Lynch recalled.

Jun 14, - Bill Clinton told Horowitz's team that "he recalled walking toward Lynch's plane with his Chief of Staff, and that Lynch and her staff were 'getting. Jun 24, - Former President Bill Clinton testified to investigators that he did not want to snub Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch when he walked the Oct 12, - Loretta Lynch to be questioned at last over notorious meeting on her private plane with Bill Clinton as she decided Hillary's email probe fate.

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Both denied discussion of the email probe, other Justice Department investigations, the election or any suggestion that Lynch would get a position in a Hillary Clinton administration. Speaking at a news conference in Phoenix on Tuesday, Lynch confirmed the meeting and denied the two spoke about any matter pending before the Justice Department or the Benghazi probe.

Bill clinton loretta lynch plane

The encounter took place ahead of the public release Tuesday morning of the House Benghazi Committee's report on the attack on a U. The meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was in Asked in Los Angeles on Wednesday whether the meeting risked the department's impartiality in its investigation, Lynch said the email probe is "being handled by career investigators and career agents who always follow the facts and the law.

Bill clinton loretta lynch plane

Bill clinton loretta lynch plane

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    They pointed to Lynch's strong reputation among members of both parties 10 Republicans voted to confirm her last year. Lynch's FBI security detail did not stop Clinton and he proceeded to initiate an extended conversation that included discussion of grandchildren.

  2. Kek says:

    This is another example of a series of fake stories attempting to fool readers with a bogus saga about an oft-cited political event. One said a Justice Department pilot was going to spill the beans about the meeting on Fox News, but ended up being found dead but not before leaving behind details of the discussion.

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    She thought they would briefly exchange pleasantries.

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    To say this didn't matter or she's lying," Schumer said. Lynch and Bill Clinton met privately in Phoenix Monday after the two realized they were on the same tarmac, an aide to the former president said.

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