Apr 3, - What is the average testicle size, and does size affect your testosterone, fertility, and sex drive? We explain what's normal, at what age your.

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Biggest testicals

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He'll need a follow-up surgery to remove some additional skin that was damaged by his condition. In early he underwent an eight-week course of treatment at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Testicles reside in the scrotum, attached at each end to the spermatic cord. He was bullied and eventually forced to drop out of school because his condition left him unable to walk or even wear clothes without difficulty.

Biggest testicals

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They were unable to determine the cause of the swelling, writing up 20 different documentations in the process. That's not counting the fluid or smaller pieces of tissue the surgeons had also removed from the Las Vegas man.

Biggest testicals

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Who knows what will happen in the future? One doctor told Warren that it might be necessary to castrate him to fix the problem; others told him that he would probably die on the operating table.

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Doctors weighed the mass they removed from Wesley Warren; it came in at pounds. Scrotal lymphedema, also known as scrotal elephantiasis, is a "massive enlargement" of the scrotum due to thickening of tissue and accumulation of fluid, Gelman said.

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As you age, testosterone production tends to drop as your testicles start to get smaller. An unusually large scrotum can have a variety of causes, Gelman said.

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Joel Gelman of the University of California, Irvine 's Center for Reconstructive Urology also offered to carry out the surgery and waive his normal fee if the use of the hospital's facilities was paid for by Nevada Medicaid. Warren is walking again and enjoying life, Gelman said. However, Warren was advised that they might have to be removed along with the tissue. They did some tests and found it had not been fully removed but I could not come back due to the post-election violence and I stayed home.

Jul 19, - Forence Owiti Opiyo appeared on a recent episode of Barcroft TV to explain just how much of an effect being the owner of the world's largest testicles has had on his life. Jul 18, - A man with a mystery medical condition that caused him to have the world's biggest testicles has had reconstructive surgery - thanks to a Facebook post. Forence Owiti Opiyo, 21, from Kibigori, Kenya, saw his genitals swell to ten times the average size - but doctors are baffled as to why. Apr 3, - What is the average testicle size, and does size affect your testosterone, fertility, and sex drive? We explain what's normal, at what age your.

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Healthy production of testosterone and sperm can occur within a wide range of testicular volume. But because so few are affected by medical conditions like elephantiasis, it somehow becomes acceptable to be so personal and almost invasive.

Biggest testicals

How is Warren doing now? Definite numbers are difficult to come by, and the condition may be underdiagnosed due to physicians' lack of awareness, Gelman said. He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that to date, he had "never lost a patient or a testicle.

Biggest testicals

Biggest testicals

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