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Bg 44k vs seafoam

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It was causing massive hot spots, which caused massive detonation at all rpm levels. Making the carbon cold quickly makes it break apart. You need not say how they failed. Best to have the engine turned off while you are still spraying it into the vacuum line.

Bg 44k vs seafoam

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This can result in wasted fuel, and lower miles per gallon. In most vehcles made in the 70s or earlier as well as a few rare examples from the 80s your engine may be carbeurated. Engines function from a using an optimal mixture of gasoline and air to produce an engine-specific combustion reaction and the deposits can mess with that perfect balance. Fuel additives are designed to address and mitigate these risks.

Bg 44k vs seafoam

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Instead, this is something that you add to every tank to help keep a properly functioning engine running well. There is, however, one exception to this rule. PEA is also known by the name Techron , a mixture patented by Chevron. I still would buy BG products.

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Many consumers have noticed that their vehicle runs more smoothly after using this cleaner, and modern vehicles can also see an improvement in fuel economy. This will keep the foam in the top end as much as possible. Techron has a higher concentration of PEA than most other cleaners on the market.


Eating too much fatty foods builds up in your arteries forming plaques which reduce blood flow and cause less-than-optimal performance. This is best done on a vehicle that currently runs well, to help you keep it that way. PEA is also known by the name Techron , a mixture patented by Chevron. Many consumers have noticed that their vehicle runs more smoothly after using this cleaner, and modern vehicles can also see an improvement in fuel economy.

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For example, fuel goes bad. While these products have helped many consumers improve the performance of their vehicles, there is still a limit to what they can do. This provides slow, consistent cleaning while you drive.

BG 44k vs Seafoam I'm looking to get a fuel system cleaner and I was just wondering what people suggest. I've heard lots of good things about. G35 Sedan V35 - Seafoam vs Techron vs BG44 vs Lucas vs. I use BG44k like every 8k I have heard Seafoam can damage your o2 sensor. Jul 27, - personally ive never heard of BG 44K. I have tried seafoam though! In my opinion seafoam works great. My Max has , miles, and I tried.

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If your car still runs, you want a PEA cleaner. Look at the pictures below of the pistons, that is MY pistons after I had all of my valve seals go bad.

Bg 44k vs seafoam

Although you pay a little more for this option, anyone regularly running fuel cleaner through their gas tank will end up saving the time and money required to oil their cylinders. Most consumers are simply looking to keep their vehicle running well, or troubleshoot moderate performance issues.

Bg 44k vs seafoam

Bg 44k vs seafoam

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But, the status process is never male, seaoam not all of your determination is faulted in gas-form as regard. The end arouse is a delivery supplementary that seems to gone out of nowhere.

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