Jan 11, - Cheating is one of the worst things you could do to your partner. Apple products are probably the best of their kind, which could explain why who still bought billboard space just to take revenge on her cheating husband.

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Best revenge on cheating spouse

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Here are some methods for getting revenge on your ex. Unfortunately, there were no clothes available, as, according to the ad, they had already been burned the day before. Take out an ad in the newspaper: Every so often you'll find a hippie commune of free love or some swingers who are cool with sexual dalliances, but the rest of us tend to feel betrayal and anger when we find out our snuggle bunny has gone off and snuggled all kinds of other bunnies and their dicks or bunginas, as the case may be.

Best revenge on cheating spouse

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It has been around for centuries and is still used to curb libido. If the person did something illegal, you should pursue legal action.

Best revenge on cheating spouse

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What and absolute fucking champ. Give them mixed signals: I bet she literally slapped her knee.

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Ancient monks have used a sexual mute button in the herb called chaste tree berry. If anyone who lives nearby would like to cheat on their wife, and then if any of the wives would like to sell all their crap at a steal, please let me know.

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Was she a One Direction fan? If you don't get any sleep, it can really screw with you. He claimed that he would be willing to leave his wife and kids for her, a joke that she may have found funny but that his wife, who was listening, found hysterical.

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Understanding the Consequences of Revenge As I have already talked about, you have to understand the consequences and ramifications of getting revenge on someone. First off, it sends him into an absolute mind frenzy. Destroying their property or harassing them are two options that cross that line.

Apr 24, - Here are some of the best cheating revenge stories from the Urine, Lice And Smelly Diapers: This Is How You Get Revenge On A Cheater. Nov 2, - Personalizing your revenge will give you the best opportunity to get back at that person. How to Get Revenge on Someone Who Cheated on You .. i now have a hold of my husband and we resolved the whole issue after. Mar 23, - And remember, this isn't simply a top 15 list from which you choose just one; these are different Give the cheater a tidal wave of revenge!

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Instead, keep your biggest newfound enemy as close as possible. Mine is being happy; enjoying life.

Best revenge on cheating spouse

Has the word lost meaning for you yet? Be happy with yourself and who you are. Since you didn't throw it away, it really isn't stealing or even a crime.

Best revenge on cheating spouse

Best revenge on cheating spouse

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  1. Guzilkree says:

    This way, revenge will be at your fingertips, and the less the enemy knows you know, the better off you are. He is immediately a major villain, and most likely, will have to cut off his affair.

  2. JoJotaur says:

    If you have the chance, you can do something in public to embarrass them and demean them.

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