Feb 26, - Libra women match up very easily and well with most signs, but especially so with fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius. Sextile fire signs Leo and Sagittarius Between an Aquarius and Libra woman, which is better to make a.

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Best match for a libra woman

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The most compatible signs with Libra are generally considered to be Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Avoid foul language, insults and vulgarity of any kind. Leo enjoys this showmanship, but doesn't mind sharing the limelight whenever it spills over onto Libra because Libra is so supportive of the lion's every move.

Best match for a libra woman

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The lower back and buttocks. This creates billions of permutations making each Libra slightly different. Be on your best behavior.

Best match for a libra woman

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A tendency that leads them into a passive-aggressive expression of the emotions that they bottle-up until one day they explode. A Sagittarius is the generous type and Librans are very indulgent and materialistic so do the math. This is a once-in-a-lifetime combination that will be long lasting because they understand each other.

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This creates billions of permutations making each Libra slightly different. Known to be people pleasers, Libras do not always expose their true feelings. Music, painting, sculpture, dance and drama are all necessary foods for their survival. Keep the following matches in mind.


This unlocks the real power of astrology and gives much more useful and specific information, such as how they view you, how to turn them on, how to avoid arguments with them etc. Aquarius and Gemini are said to be the best zodiac match for a Libra but let's dissect all of the positive matches and see how they could work out.

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In her mind she is trying to help people feel good. This is because they are indecisive and declare their love before it is really true. The mirror of relationships Tarot Card:

and sexuality. Reports for emotional, sexual and mental compatibility of Libra with other signs of the zodiac. Libra & Taurus. Libra and Taurus match Their best chance lies in patience of both partners and the instant display of emotions Read Libra men. Libra woman - information and insights on the Libra woman. The best match for Libras of either gender appears to be another Libra, be a less compatible match for Libra men, and Cancer and Pisces for Libra women. When it comes to love match astrology, Libras do best when matched with fellow air signs, but also get along well with complimentary fire signs.

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Their passions fan each other and sex will be off the charts. Among other things, both will be very vain and would love the attention to themselves.

Best match for a libra woman

A Sagittarius is the generous type and Librans are very indulgent and materialistic so do the math. Both are social, outgoing air signs who love to make new friends and explore new interests together.

Best match for a libra woman

Best match for a libra woman

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    This new love is fascinating. A Libra on the other hand is always very diplomatic and polite and will listen and to reason.

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