Theatrical make-up is exaggerated. Traditionally, dancers wear colourful eye-shadow, thick eyeliner, tons of mascara and bright lipstick, so their features can be.

Belly dance eye makeup

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Now that you've done all that work making your skin look smooth and flawless, you need to set the foundation and concealer with pressed powder. They're a lot more forgiving, you don't have to worry about trimming them down, and they don't poke you in your tear ducts. Use the lightest grey shade to highlight your brow bone.

Belly dance eye makeup

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Wiggling will help separate the lashes. For smaller stages, make your makeup somewhat less intense. For me, the worst part was that I did NOT feel beautiful on stage.

Belly dance eye makeup


Women of color should choose deep red shades. Dry skin stands out when you pile makeup on top of it, so if moisturizing isn't part of your regular skin care routine, you probably want to get in the habit of giving your skin a drink. Choose a very bright pink shade--so bright that you wouldn't normally wear it unless you were going to an 80s party. Cause when it comes to belly dance performance makeup, there can't be anything subtle about it.

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A luscious red pout is in order for your bold belly dance look. Ease yourself into it with half lashes. As you work on your funky Christmas pieces to perform this year, I wanted to share some great beauty articles with you! If you have especially dry areas, you may want to invest in a good hydrating serum like Chanel's Hydra Max to spot treat any flaky areas.

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I had to go out there and perform in a few minutes, but I had no idea what to do. That was when my instructor at the time came to me and said that I needed to put on more makeup.

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It is better to spend more money on a few really highly pigmented eye shadows or one lipstick that you love than to buy a lot of cheap stuff that require layers and layers to make an impact! Get to know the shape of your face, the shape of your eyes, any asymmetry, and figure out what flatters you the most.

Belly dance Makeup Ideas | See more ideas about Beauty makeup, Hair Makeup Gorgeous Silver and Gold Sparkle Eye Makeup Evening Wedding Makeup. Some call it "Arabic makeup" but it's not really. The eyes are strong but the rest of the makeup is clean, no face tattoos and the lipstick is the classical red. Sep 15, - Be the belly dance fantasy by applying the perfect stage makeup You are going for a very bold makeup look, and if yo do strong eyes, strong.

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As an example, one of my brows is more arched than the other. You'll need that advice for when you dance on a big stage. As you approach the outer corner of the eye, flick the pencil up quickly.

Belly dance eye makeup

If you're new to the stuff, do yourself a favor and get a felt-tip liquid eyeliner instead of a brush eyeliner. The sturdy felt tip will help you control the line you draw. They'll give you a little wing on your outer eye that will make you look all pretty and doe-eyed.

Belly dance eye makeup

Belly dance eye makeup

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    The next step is optional, but gals with unruly brows will find it helpful. Apply the highlighter just above your cheekbones, starting at the outer corner of your eye.

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    Yes, for every performance.

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    If you're an especially "dewey" lady, be sure to cover the forehead and any other areas where your makeup usually sweats off. Now it's time for the fun stuff:

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