The jury is still out on the benefits of Barley Life. A dear friend encouraged us to try the supplement in hopes of keeping mom's blood counts up during treatment.

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She began by taking 1 capsule morning and night and increased it each week by adding another capsule. We are hopeful that the supplement will be helpful, but are wary of "too good to be true" claims about the product. When you make a change in your diet, your body often goes through a cleansing known as detoxification.


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The three not in BarleyLife are manufactured by our body itself. Perhaps most remarkable is the similarity between chlorophyll and the red pigment in blood. One enzyme in particular that has been studied a lot is super oxide dismutase SOD for short.


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Building on over 28 years of safe and beneficial use by AIM Members Stands behind more than 25 years of research Developed through ambitious research Holistic approach to crop management Grown in clean, green, pristine environments Crops only cut once Combined with brown rice and kelp Natural chlorophyll Pure juice, not milled grass, minimal fiber present Nutrients in natural proportions Benefits of juicing without the inconvenience 8. When you make a change in your diet, your body often goes through a cleansing known as detoxification.

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It made such a difference -- for a test my docs asked me not to take it after one treatment. Indeed, green barley juice contains 11 times the calcium in cows' milk, nearly 5 times the iron in spinach, 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, and 80 mg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams. Blood counts came back, as did strength, using this a few days after each chemo treatment. This is what attracted Dr.

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Antioxidants protect cells from free-radical damage. If I had arthritis, high blood pressure, fatigue, aches and pains, or a weak immune system I would use BarleyLife.

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For more information, see the AIM Detoxification data sheet. Cytochrome oxidase is one of the enzymes essential for cell metabolism. Green barley leaves contain a multitude of the body's spark plugs, enzymes.

Barleylife is a concentrated green food made from the dehydrated juice of the leaves of the barley plant to which some sea kelp and a small portion of brown rice. AIM BarleyLife is an all-natural, green barley juice concentrate that helps provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health. Assimilation, alkalinity, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, a whole balanced food, protein and enzymes are just part of the BarleyLife biological phenomenon.

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The protein in BarleyLife is made up of amino acids. As an example scientists believe that there are over live different enzymes in BarleyLife, yet we've only been able to isolate 20 or 30 of them in a laboratory.


This shield is "broken" when you add a liquid and drink the product. Because of her experience, and because she is a trusted friend, mom and I ordered the Barley Life supplement and have begun our own experiment. Kelp is a densely nutritious food, which adds more vitamins and minerals.



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