and check out the local area of Barham, New South Wales with Suburb Profiles. Data Provided by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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Barham nsw australia

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There are now fifteen statues two in Barham and 13 in Koondrook including such notables as a Pioneer Woman and a Paddle Steamer Captain, a range of local "characters" and iconic local animals as a Murray Cod, kookaburra and wedge-tailed eagle. If it is a hot day it is a perfect place for a swim or a period of relaxation. Koondrook developed in the s as a service town to the Murray River paddlesteamer trade.

Barham nsw australia

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For many years the twin towns were important trading stops on the river-boat journeys and also developed sawmills which provided red gum sleepers for the Victorian Railways. They are signified by a rise in what is otherwise a very flat landscape. A 25km drive north-east takes you to Murrabit which hosts a celebrated market on the first Saturday of every month. The park's log buggy is representative of the type of vehicle which was once commonly used in the local timber industry.

Barham nsw australia

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Redgum sculptures are carved by chainsaw by Kevin Guilders, a world renowned chainsaw carver from Melbourne, who has produced most of the sculptures in the Walk. It is still occasionally raised. The twin towns service the extensive pastoral and horticultural regions, but they are also adapting to the increasing demands of tourists. There is also a 4-km walking track with picnic and barbecue facilities, showers and toilets, a children's playground and a beached swimming area.

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Bonum Sawmill The Bonum Sawmill barks, saws and stacks red gum for shipment. Advertisement Riverside Park Beyond the caravan park is Riverside Park which is a popular family and picnicking area there is a mardi-gras here at Christmas.

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You will now receive updates from Traveller Newsletter Traveller Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. Evidence that at least two distinct Aboriginal clans had colonised Australia. It is a recreation area situated upon reclaimed riverside land. Campbells Island, near Murrabit, is bound by the Murray and Little Murray rivers, and an ideal location for fishing, swimming and boating.

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The road south leads through 'Victoria's Kakadu', the Gannawarra wetlands which support nearly different species of birds and countless numbers of native fauna. On the water's edge is a boat ramp and a sandbar which is a popular swimming area.

Dec 1, - Although in NSW Barham is twice as far from Sydney as Melbourne and is therefore economically and culturally oriented to Victoria. It is Aussie. Barham and its twin town, Koondrook, sit beside the Murray River and the New South Wales–Victoria border. Barham is known as the southern gateway to. Maps of directions of Barham NSW, for locals and travellers. Easy to use driving directions.

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Barham Lakes East Barham Road. Koondrook eventually was settled by farmers about Like much of the southern Riverina, the town is attuned culturally to Victoria, reading Victorian newspapers and watching Victorian television channels.

Barham nsw australia

Pulled by horse or bullock teams, it carried timber from the forests to the mills. It can provide a brochure outlining a short walk around Barham. Timber, dairying and citrus fruit are the main produce of the immediate area.

Barham nsw australia

Barham nsw australia

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    Campbells Island, near Murrabit, is bound by the Murray and Little Murray rivers, and an ideal location for fishing, swimming and boating. It is believed the island was originally inhabited by eight clans of the Barababaraba Aborigines.

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    People holiday in the area because Murray River is a wonderland for bushwalking, swimming, canoeing and fishing for the Murray cod, golden perch, carp, silver fish, catfish and yabbies which abound in its waters. There is also a 4-km walking track with picnic and barbecue facilities, showers and toilets, a children's playground and a beached swimming area.

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    Timber industry[ edit ] From the early s, timber cutters began to set up camps and log the River Red Gums Eucalyptus camaldulensis that grow in the surrounding forests.

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