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Awesome usernames for league of legends


One of the more complicated origins, requires a lot of background knowledge. Skye, Leyn usually just referred to by Id. Similar but not quite the same as normal hot pot, spicy hot pot is stuff cooked and served to you usually instead of you sitting there and cooking it as you eat.

Awesome usernames for league of legends

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The field of gamertag or game username research is at the very beginning of its lifespan and further research will be needed in order to draw any firm conclusions. As a result, even if certain usernames were found to be more useful in some way you might struggle to get players to ditch their older digital selves in order to adopt them. Repeat after me, high elo players:

Awesome usernames for league of legends

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I -think- these origins and explanations are all accurate, but I might have messed something up. Someone who pays off people is called a Director, and the people receiving payments are called Actors. However, related fields may offer a decent starting point for some of that research.

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Result of being a pretty boy. The power of gamertags Written by Philippa Warr 2 April Handles form a massive part of our online identities, but they might also change the way we play. Exileh If you can Google this guy without your phone rerouting you to the goddam definition of exile, consider yourself lucky.


It's harder to investigate games like first person shooters, though. Someone get this man a flag or a bandana. Is Fear that good at Dota 2, or does his name just scare us into thinking so?

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If a name is recognizable, there must be a reason. Chinese for alpaca, pretty straightforward. Not sure how trustworthy this origin is, but included here for your amusement.

Aug 7, - Facial Paralysis? Drug Guide? Chinese fans gave their best League of Legends players some weird nicknames. For League of Legends on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "ITT: The best usernames you've encountered". Leaguepedia | League of Legends Wiki is the home for League of Legends esports statistics, schedules, player biographies, team histories, live.

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One time during post-game when the camera was on pomelo, he raised a bottle of Sprite to the camera for some reason, so fans jokingly referred to him as a Sprite spokesperson. But with eSports events now regularly offering prize pools nudging over the million dollar mark , any information which could tip the competition in a team's favour is of value. The gamertag or handle is tied to the user's account rather than an avatar and so they must be unique across the entire game rather than within a single realm.

Awesome usernames for league of legends

He's not very good at it, to the amusement of Chinese netizens. It's an easier prospect to get your head around if you leave eSports to one side for a moment and look at a game like World of Warcraft, where you're only expected to have a unique name on a particular realm.

Awesome usernames for league of legends

Awesome usernames for league of legends

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  1. Vudoshicage says:

    Or, if the pair used the same names in a different game could they be inadvertently associating themselves with a particular race or class? Unique spelling, however, can provide a breath of fresh air.

  2. Feran says:

    Within the realms of Dota 2 fandom, is it easier for Arteezy to attract fans than aabBAA solely based on the complexity of their names? That which we call a 7ckngMad by any other name may well not smell as sweet.

  3. Ditilar says:

    But there might be a pattern emerging, one none of us ever saw coming. One of the more complicated origins, requires a lot of background knowledge.

  4. Akinogore says:

    Kakao no nickname, just his ID!

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