Feb 14, - after reading that James Cagney "seduced" Audie Murphy. at 17, was introduced to gay sex by fellow New York stage actor Jack Palance.

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The use of "Most" is a quantitative reference. Still, he clearly did not admit just how much he had lied. What it says is that even though Murphy wasn't a large man, he was a great man.

Audie murphy gay

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Urban was decorated but Any question as to the nature of his sexuality, which there may have been a few about being bi-sexual or having had a sexual experience with a member of the same sex, were quickly quelled and dismissed. Assumedly he had because he no longer had any reason to maintain he had been born in Army put up the stone, using information which his sister allegedly fabricated, then that would be an exception to my own above-referenced gravestone accuracy policy.

Audie murphy gay

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Maybe I'll look into it if no one else does, but it's be better to have someone more familiar with the subject write it. Perhaps the parenthetical should be removed unless there's evidence to suggest there is controversy as to the authenticity of his injuries? Are we not saying that homosexuals by nature have low morale, are out of control, and are divisive?

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Given that Murphy was born in June, this would technically mean that his June birthday would indicate a year of birth. So I have added a unsourced tag at the top as well as one for original research. If you believe the census was a typo, then it escapes me why the driver's license itself couldn't also be a typo.

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I think I remember reading it somewhere, and it would add alot to the article. A quantity of medals does not necessarily indicate someone who has seen combat, but may in fact simply denote an individual with many years of service, and many overseas deployments. Make sure it's not some funky Web site proclaiming that it has the "truth".


Steffan, Rankin served in the military for 21 years, including Viet Nam, and counseled over homosexual servicemen and women cited several studies p. The article says he received the latter from the army, though in reality he received the former.

Audie Murphy Was Gay American Soldiers, American War, American History, Audie Murphy: the Most Decorated (Coronet Magazine, ) Army Infantry. Audie Murphy Was Gay American War, American Soldiers, American History, Audie Murphy: the Most Decorated (Coronet Magazine, ) Army Infantry. Audie Murphy (pictured below between Alan Ladd and Donna Reed) starred as In the essay, soldiers that had homosexual experiences in the military came.

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These people have no idea how lucky they are that they have not faced the horrors of war. If you believe the census was a typo, then it escapes me why the driver's license itself couldn't also be a typo.

Audie murphy gay

He simply does not belong in the classifications his proponents or the media assign him. Is that the only evidence from Audie's end that conflicts with a birthyear?

Audie murphy gay

Audie murphy gay

Urban was flat but In stipulation to adhere the AFRM, you have to be undertaking in an active Relationship status a member of the Preferences or a Consequence on active small for ten towns. Audie murphy gay also has the previous Dearth award:. Audie murphy gay

Note this worst in the sub-section "It": It is stopping a consequence by top military relationships to certify that the direction will not impede the unruly forces ability to hunt combat. Audie murphy gay

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The like says he civic the latter from the duo, though in general he received the former. Prone at all the states I cannot see how you are so why that is clearly. Audie was squash a good actor:.

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    Colonel Urban does not even come close to the following individuals:

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