There's a lot of fear surrounding the topic of Astral Projection. Why? Is it really safe? Or is it dangerous and.

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Astral projection is demonic

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God created humans first as spirit. Since we have no idea these things are happening, we are helpless to stop it and thereby cutting our ties to the occult.

Astral projection is demonic

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It is exactly the same as a physical ritual, but done in the spiritual realm instead. He does not go back on His promises. These are all things we are missing out on, because we have remained ignorant of any strongholds keeping us in bondage. A cult is any group that has a particular belief linked back to the idealization of a particular person or deity.

Astral projection is demonic


It is a long process to turn someone completely against God, because we were created to live in partnership with our Creator and Father. These are all things we are missing out on, because we have remained ignorant of any strongholds keeping us in bondage. Humans were not designed for that much trauma, yet God gives us a way out of it.

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Totally disillusioned with Buddhism, he was now ready to listen to the Christian message. If you have ever heard of someone having an out of body experience, then that is a perfect example of leaving the body.

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I'm mildly reminded of the kind of thing Temple Grandin says she has when she sees a whole cattle-handling system "whole". You are not alone, no matter how bad it feels. I have had the experience at times of entering a very pleasing mental state in which answers to all kinds of issues just entered my mind "whole" like a blackboard full of equations leading to complex answers suddenly being revealed.


He always starts generations before we are even born. If it should be the latter, then rejecting it would be rejecting a gift of God. The body is a temporary house, or temple of God.

Oct 31, - Astral travel is a dangerous form of soul travel in which a human soul leaves the body and freely moves about. Steven Bancarz. Astral projection (out of body experiences, aka, OBEs) is a common practice in the New Age. Oct 9, - We had a member on here awhile back speak of engaging in astral projection and seeing many things he would have otherwise never been.

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It is the abuse that is so terrible that you cannot bear it that causes you to want to leave. The human soul has the ability to leave the body and travel outside of it. That is not something to fear, it is very simply a miracle!

Astral projection is demonic

When a soul leaves the body, the body is then open to be inhabited by other spirits, demonic or human. God knows our hearts, every one of us.

Astral projection is demonic

Astral projection is demonic

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  1. Tozilkree says:

    All spirits first were with God, before our spirits moved into a body, or temporary home here on earth.

  2. Zulkik says:

    It is the abuse that is so terrible that you cannot bear it that causes you to want to leave. He has found it extremely beneficial, and he will always find ways to use things that are not bad for his evil.

  3. Misida says:

    We have to be willing to come out of hiding from the knowledge of the spiritual realm and what is going on right over our heads and in our lives. Why do human spirits want to harass people?

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