Located in Arizona's second-largest city, Mira Vista Resort is a acre property with over one hundred years in business as one of the state's premier naturist.

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Arizona naturist

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Your comments and questions are always welcome. The conversation pool is wonderful for making friends and getting to know folks.

Arizona naturist

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Receiving nothing but rave reviews on Trip Advisor, the bed and breakfast is an excellent option for those looking to dodge the crowds and enjoy their clothing-optional getaway in peace. We enjoyed a massage by Kristina which was a refreshing add-on to our trip. The rates for massage are typical of most resorts.

Arizona naturist

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An elegant private home located in north Phoenix, the resort has been converted into a clothing-optional bed and breakfast and is great for enjoying a quick getaway and taking in the Phoenix sun poolside. Nothing remarkable, but it was clean, freshly redecorated and had all the amenities you'd expect at a facility of this caliber Canyon State Naturists and naturism is not about sexually explicit material or titillating pictures.

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We hope you will take time to visit their sites on the Internet as well and learn about the extensive Naturist community throughout the United States. Reservations were easily obtained by a quick phone call to the resort. The crowd was great and we had a blast.

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For all those well-versed in nudist community happenings to those looking to give it a try for the first time, here are our top picks for the best nudist locations in Arizona. That being said, during the reservation process we very clearly communicated our desire to stay the entire last day and were disappointed at the omission and the ensuing misunderstanding. New inspirations, destinations, adventures.

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More Show less Date of stay: Reservations were easily obtained by a quick phone call to the resort. Take all the time you like and we hope that you will find our website interesting and informative. Offering camping, boating, hiking and even pool parties, Canyon State Naturists is a tight-knit community that believes in getting out there and exploring without having to worry about clothing.

Family friendly nudist resort in New River Arizona close to Phoenix. Mira Vista is a charming, Southwest-style resort located in the quiet northwest corner of Tucson, AZ. The facility is first-class, and quite simply the nicest naturist. Aug 4, - It has quickly become a favorite vacation destination for naturists. Fourteen guest suites in original adobe-style buildings are accented with.

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We found the crowd composition to be mostly couples from their mid 30's on up. The food was delicious, and reasonably priced.

Arizona naturist

You may find you have some questions arise while browsing our pages. Upon arrival, check-in was easy and the staff was very friendly. It also happens to have a reputation as a spot for nude swimming and sunbathing.

Arizona naturist

Arizona naturist

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    Kristina was fantastic and quite skilled at erasing our tension and stress. Nothing remarkable, but it was clean, freshly redecorated and had all the amenities you'd expect at a facility of this caliber

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