Includes a full version of the original Dungeon Siege. Journey through 9 spectacular areas as you solve a mystery in the world of Aranna; The adventure reveals.

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One of the major power players of old was the Empire of Stars , although much more ancient empires predated it, including that of the Utraeans and that of the Agallan giants. Recruit her services and let her use the bow given to you by Reynard, then enter the cave. Legends of Aranna" introduces some interesting new gameplay features to the "Dungeon Siege" experience. Clear out one room at a time, fighting nepheryls and noctisses, then eventually doppelgangers which take on the form of the first character in your party.


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If you stick with a smaller party everyone will level up faster as you go through the game, giving them access to better equipment sooner. Legends of Aranna" adds a large number of specialized items for mages and rangers. Take the long bridge across the water and battle your way through a lot of spiders until you eventually see Lyssa. Now you need to progress around the four separate areas of the room, defeating each of the elementals and fighting a few shadow minions in between.


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All the mages who can cast summons will do so. And the world map gives you a better idea of where you are in Aranna.

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Head along here, then turn inland to find a large Zaurask battle. Yet even with such done-it-all-before game design, the combination of simplicity, repetition, and ease of use prove almost hypnotic. Beyond the northwest coast of Aranna lies the tropical Isle of Utrae. Take the left passage into a cave area when you can, and battle through some Hassat until you find Algher.

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Then send some of your tough characters after Shadowjumper, while the others destroy the lieutenants. Fen of the Frozen Follow the obvious path and kill some fleshrenders. Report quickly to the mayor, then use the displacers to return to the Halls of the Lost, then on to the Island Way Station.

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Orb spells allow you to have two damage dealing spells active at the same time. Cicatrix himself is surrounded by death knights and can summon more skeletons at will. The next building on the left has a chest containing Illicor's staff. Head through the first cave and out into another open area.

Mar 6, - Just curious, but, is this the expansion Legends of Aranna version (which included the original) or just the plain old original Dungeon Siege 1. For Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna on the PC, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/walkthrough), 18 cheat codes and secrets, 4 reviews, 38 critic reviews. Dec 6, - The standalone expansion pack Legends of Aranna, which comes bundled with the original game so you won't need the first Dungeon Siege  Game Modes?: ?Singleplayer / Multiplayer.

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Once you have combat spells in use, make sure your mages are always using the best ones available, i. Kill all the enemies here and one will drop the amulet. There are lots of nice items and gold to be found in the chests around here.


It also means that the "experience pie" is broken into smaller pieces, and each hero gets less. Although this might seem like a small distinction, it actually opens up a huge realm of tactics and makes mages much more effective than before.



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  1. Mutaxe says:

    You see many familiar faces here, including the spider-like Mucosas and all types of the undead, in only slightly altered guises. Note the sign "Beware" after crossing over a narrow path near the start of the mountain - ignore this warning and keep climbing!

  2. Faesho says:

    Stronghold Climb the stairs of the ramparts, then go across a short bridge and head down a slope to a lower level - you will see a cutscene of several enemies behind a gate that you cannot open, and then a bridge you cannot cross. But this novelty is mitigated by the re-use of common monsters.

  3. Daigal says:

    Legends of Aranna" adds a large number of specialized items for mages and rangers.

  4. Kazihn says:

    Return to the central room and head south to find the meditation chamber on your right - kill some tough Hassat here, then collect Arhok's sword from a chest.

  5. Nikinos says:

    Probably the best way to go is to approach the tail first - it will take some time to kill, and keeps spawning smaller creatures. Frozen Lake Take the path to the south, and follow it around, killing lots of frostnids and ice flies.

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