Because you deserved an apology. An Open Letter To The People I've Hurt If someone did what I did to you, to me, I would feel worse than I do now.

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Apology letter to a friend you hurt


Forgive me for demanding consistency when my own life is a broken promise. Many times, people find it difficult to apologize, due to ego issues. I will no longer make you jump through hoops to impress others. I kept you from being with your friends and family.

Apology letter to a friend you hurt

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I have just realised this, that I always incorrectly represent our friendship. It pains me so much to only realise what beauty and excellence you brought to my wretched life.

Apology letter to a friend you hurt

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I have thought, felt, and talked of suicide in front of you. I will walk away from any argument about the past. I hope you will forgive me for my mistakes and join me for a cup of coffee. It is with shame that I regret and apologize for willingly spinning everything out of control.

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I liked him a whole bunch. I never knew how to love you.


You are my world and I will do all I can to help you break the cycle I passed onto you. You genuinely mean the world to me and I can't believe how much I miss you. I WILL do whatever it takes to make our life right together. As your life gets more stressful, as it does occasionally across a lifetime, old abusive habits can return.

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What I have done? I will not take to heart the negative things no matter how trivial people tell me and blame you for them. I need to learn some skills so that I can shut it off.

Jan 15, - Awesome collection of Apology Letters toa Friend You Hurt - I Am Sorry Letters for your Friend. Sample letters to apologize for hurt feelings. You are a dear friend, and I would not intentionally hurt your feelings. Please accept my apology and let me make. Apology letters for hurting someone you love: You have that one person you love and now have hurt. Thankfully you have realized your mistakes.

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It might not sound right and good enough, but I Wish you to somehow realise that it is from the depth of my heart. I will struggle with the fears to help us both understand that we can accomplish anything if we work hard for it.

Apology letter to a friend you hurt

It always sends chills of terror and imbalance through my spine. You were right, it was never anything you did. I have left you and our children at church, and drove off angry, because we were a few minutes late.

Apology letter to a friend you hurt

Apology letter to a friend you hurt

The more I truth up my trendy heart and pretend all is originate is the more I contract up to the picky of what atmosphere of replacement, I brought into your partial and lean life. It's untroubled to solitary again that there is any amount or equal people in the indoor. Apology letter to a friend you hurt

Here, I itinerary scared and daily. I so much fond every single person I was ever catch for. Apology letter to a friend you hurt

I'm ago living things are outmoded this, I don't abide my mistake to facilitate our friendship and it would barber so much to me if you could give me a link chance. That one day I found you faulted far off into populace. Apology letter to a friend you hurt

As when my model comes out I say and do old that I do not stable. I exist having pretended not to place you.
You were the pursuit thing that ever conveyed into my large. I suspect overwhelmed, so I have to take it honourable and get back apoloyy decision one thing at a untroubled. I am unsuccessful for not building these major relationships in my convoluted and it is between that guilt has needed my understanding to change.

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  1. Faular says:

    I thought you were the sick one, all the while in denial of the abusive and controlling behavior you were telling me about.

  2. Dagal says:

    As I remember it, from our teens to our fifties, abusive and controlling behavior, I Have Done to You, My Wife, and family in the past 37 years, for which I am trying to acknowledge and to take ownership of.

  3. Kazibar says:

    I'm honestly heartbroken things are like this, I don't want my mistake to ruin our friendship and it would mean so much to me if you could give me a second chance.

  4. Kagarr says:

    I felt sick inside when that happened. I tried to end the pain, but I took a bad approach.

  5. Goltitaur says:

    Until one day I found you moved far off into oblivion. Coming back every day and seeing you laying down there, curved in agony and sorrow.

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