Jul 1, - An apadravya piercing is a piercing that goes vertically through the head of the penis, and for some reason it's been something I've wanted to.

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One thing I can say is that now it will look extra impressive crossing that finish line with a barbell. Alternative Names Happydravya because the apadravya piercing is said to be highly pleasurable for both the wearer and their partner, the nickname happydravya was coined to describe it. So I whipped out my phone and pulled up directions to Pierced Hearts tattoo and piercing parlor in the University District.


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When you have the entire piercing performed in one session, advantages include a single healing period and the assurance that the upper and lower parts of the piercing align nicely. If you abandon it, the top may leave a divot or scar. For any method, proper jewelry size should be determined pre-procedure by measuring the penis while erect. So I whipped out my phone and pulled up directions to Pierced Hearts tattoo and piercing parlor in the University District.


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Straight barbells are the usual jewelry for apadravya piercings. Some elect to wait until the apadravya is somewhat healed before adding back the PA jewelry. Web materials should be linked, textual materials should be properly cited, as in a bibliography.


Long term health issues The apadravya tends to be a very stable and comfortable piercing when done correctly. I had done enough research, and I knew that if I heard any gruesome anecdotes, I would definitely chicken out. This is not a piercing to enter into lightly and the discomfort level should not be mistaken for that of a Prince Albert Piercing or Frenum Piercing.

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My appointment with Elayne was simply awesome. A notable feature of the adaptable apadravya is that once it has healed you have multiple piercings and the freedom to treat each section differently. I heard from a friend that it would increase sensitivity and I wanted my nipples to be at least a little more sensitive than my elbow skin.

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It is completely viable to urinate in a urinal via this method but many people find that sitting can be easier. I learned that the penis bleeds a lot; I learned that Chris and Frank are delightful people; I learned that my will is stronger than my fear of needles going into my penis. The jewelry diameter is anatomically dependent, and the post must accommodate your maximum erect measurement. Over the next few days the bleeding got lighter and lighter, and I now took better care to protect hotel room sheets.

Jun 22, - This week, we are in Dallas, Texas at OBSCURITIES talking with Eric Marcucci about how he got to be a piercer, advice for people thinking. The apadravya, like the ampallang, is a piercing that passes through the glans. While the ampallang passes horizontally through the glans, the apadravya  ?Terminology · ?Procedure · ?Functions. Etymology[edit]. From Sanskrit ????????, a generic name for a penile extension device as used in Kama Sutra. Noun[edit]. apadravya (plural apadravyas).

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However, occasionally problems with prolonged bleeding occur due to intersection with the Corpus Cavernosum. Chris explained very thoroughly what he was going to do.


An iron cross or magic cross is made when the same piercee wears both horizontal and vertical piercings of the glans. The piercer should keep in mind the angle and placement of the jewelry when taking these measurements.



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