Dec 17, - The following article is part of Jay Jaffe's ongoing look at the candidates on the BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot. For a detailed introduction to.

Andy pettite hall of fame

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Pettitte will be seen as the beneficiary of offense from The Bronx Bombers. When asked why he used, he said it was only to recover from injuries. He was not treated as a pariah because, it was argued, he did not lie and certainly did not create a big distracting controversy that spun into legal proceedings like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds did. Rivera was, after all, the greatest closer of all time; maybe the greatest postseason pitcher ever, too.

Andy pettite hall of fame

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Rivera was, after all, the greatest closer of all time; maybe the greatest postseason pitcher ever, too. But it also bleeds over into the pitcher wins thing. Here is an update of rumors surrounding the Yankees pursuits, followed by my take on how things currently stand and may shake out Despite recently-changing attitudes about some PED-associated players , the template on all of this is well-worn:

Andy pettite hall of fame

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Maybe two categories apply. While elbow, back, and groin injuries sent Pettitte to the DL every year from through , the season brought his first major injury, a bout of tendonitis that sidelined him for two months, from mid-April to mid-June. During that stretch, he delivered eight quality postseason starts out of 11 with a combined 3.

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Feeling the pull of family and mulling retirement, Pettitte declined his player option, mainly to allow the team to free up a roster spot while he deliberated. However, wins does not guarantee a spot in the Hall; there are nine pitchers with more on the outside looking in, including Clemens and Mussina , both with stronger qualifications than Pettitte, as well as a pair of pitchers who spent more than a quarter-century in the majors, Tommy John and Jim Kaat Though he allowed just two runs one earned in seven innings in Game 6, Josh Beckett shut out the Yankees on five hits, giving the upstart Marlins a championship.

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And man, that stuff can be tedious. Remember Game 5 of the World Series? While Pettitte certainly hit some high notes within that large body of work while helping the Yankees win five championships, he also had some duds, including seven starts with five or more runs allowed, only one of which went longer than five innings. As uneven as the seasons were for Pettitte, he did place fourth in the AL Cy Young voting with the best of those years


Pettitte said in a statement that Clemens had told him of using HGH nearly 10 years earlier, and that McNamee had told him that Clemens used steroids in or He had other problems as well. In the wake of the Mitchell Report, Pettitte was widely praised for allegedly owning up to his drug use.

Jan 24, - Pettitte's impressive r?sum? includes wins in the regular season, Filed under andy pettitte, baseball hall of fame, mariano rivera, new. Nov 26, - Andy Pettitte hits the MLB Hall of Fame ballots for the first time, but what are his odds of eventually hitting that needed 75% of the vote to get in? Jan 5, - Andy Pettitte is not in the news and he won't be eligible for the Hall of Fame vote for two years, but he's on my mind this morning. The reason.

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In fact, give him 10 of them. Not to mention the PED hiccup which he came clean about, still leaving him in a tier below every single candidate especially when you take into account the lack of Cooperstown success of every steroid-linked player, legendary or not. He enjoyed a very solid rookie campaign, going with a 4.

Andy pettite hall of fame

In October , the Los Angeles Times published a report citing an affidavit from former Yankees pitcher Jason Grimsley , who alleged that both Pettitte and Clemens had used performance-enhancing drugs, and that he himself had obtained amphetamines, anabolic steroids, and human growth hormone from Brian McNamee, a former Yankees trainer who maintained a close working relationship with both pitchers. The Braves pounded him for seven runs in 2. Man, when you think about it, starting pitcher evaluation is almost as big a mess as PED-associated player evaluation when it comes to the Hall of Fame.

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    He played a major role in Houston's run. He threw seven innings of two-run ball against the Giants in his final Yankee Stadium start two days later, and then a complete-game five-hitter against the Astros in Houston, his home away from home, on September

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    And man, that stuff can be tedious.

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    Here is an update of rumors surrounding the Yankees pursuits, followed by my take on how things currently stand and may shake out At the same time, he is not nearly as good as Mike Mussina, who will be on the outside looking in for some time, it seems.

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    Maybe two categories apply.

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    That's no hot take, obviously. In July , as the trade deadline loomed, the Yankees and Phillies neared a deal that would send Pettitte then carrying a 5.

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