Jul 13, - Did you know there was a difference between "Amen" and "Amein"? Apparently "Amen" is the name of an Egyptian god and "Amein".

Amen or amein

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The Egyptians, including the Alexandrians, had been worshipping, or been acquainted with, the head of the Egyptian pantheon, Amen-Ra, the great Sun-deity, for more than 1 years, B. A visitor flicked a dust cloth at the coffin, and his child died soon afterwards. Using false Pagan deity names such as god, lord, amen and jesus is your clue.

Amen or amein

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Some people try to also use verses such as 2 Cor 1: The amen said by Christians is actually pronounced as ah-men or ai-men. Soon three members of his family were injured in a road accident and his house was badly damaged by a fire. Renounce all error and come back to Scripture truth!

Amen or amein

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Then someone else created them and Ra-Atum is not the ultimate Creator, either. The "ee" vowel should be attached to the mem, not "ah". Then the people did according to this promise. Creative powers were claimed for a number of godsóNun, Tem, Ra, Ptah, Atum, and othersóbut these claims, followed back far enough in history, fall far short of a claim to absolute deity.

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It was common for priests of each god to claim that their god was the greatest and possessed special powers. Any deity, any spirit, any person other than our Creator who seeks or accepts worship is not beneficent.


See the following for further reading: On April 14, in the midst of unparalleled scenes of horror, the priestess of Amen-Ra took 1, passengers to their deaths in the icy waters of the Atlantic along with the Titanic.

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Which one, of the hundreds or thousands worshiped in Africa? Nowhere in the entire Holy Scriptures does it say to invite Jesus into your heart!

Jul 13, - Did you know there was a difference between "Amen" and "Amein"? Apparently "Amen" is the name of an Egyptian god and "Amein". Jul 30, - Amein is the root word for Hebrew word Faith, Emunah, and Emunim .. Note: One of YAHUAH's names is "The Ah-mehn (Amen), the Faithful. Many people bow their heads, clasp their hands together, they close their eyes, and pray and then say Amen, Ahmein, Amein or Omaine after praying. Why.

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When the two kingdoms of Egypt united, early in Egyptian history, he grew in importance until he emerged as the chief deity. Amen-Ra is not generally regarded as the oldest of the gods worshiped inEgypt.

Amen or amein

The priestess who served Amen-Ra was buried in a deep vault atLuxor. That is how a "new word" was formed.

Amen or amein

Amen or amein

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