Jul 15, - I now consider myself bi-curious, meaning I'm still straight, but would like to experiment. I hope my experiences helped make this quiz one that.

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Am i bi or bi curious quiz

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You are hiking through the woods on a hot summer day when you hear some splashing and laughing coming from a nearby secluded beach. Just keep your personal life to yourself.

Am i bi or bi curious quiz

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Goodfellas Brokeback Mountain Friday the 13th Almost everyone has a favorite movie that they have seen multiple times. How do you feel when a member of the LGBT community is subject to such abuse?

Am i bi or bi curious quiz

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One of them spots you and invites you to join the fun. A lot of places offer facilities for all sorts of different types.

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How do you feel about same-sex relationships? Question 25 Would you consider going down with someone of the same gender? Even just a little? Question 24 Which celebrity would you like to meet?

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What kind of public restroom do you prefer to use? Members of the LGBT community are commonly verbally harassed, assaulted, and even killed by those who disagree with their lifestyle. Homosexuality has been around since man began to roam the Earth and it is likely here to stay. Question 18 How do you feel about same-sex relationships?

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Not even a quick glance. What are you going to do? The LBGT community has gathered a lot of momentum in recent years as its members strive to be accepted by mainstream society. Not being familiar with any of them you decide to choose the bar you will go to based on its name.

Nov 17, - Fantasizing about going on a date or having sexual relations with a member of the same sex doesn't make you bi-sexual although it could be a. Dec 4, - Do you find yourself asking whether you are a bisexual, gay or straight? Take up this quiz and see if it will shed some light on your sexual orientation. Best of . Maybe we could have a threesome and throw in a member of the opposite sex too. D. Are You Bi-sexual, Straight, Homo-sexual, Or Bi-curious. I made another orientation quiz but I noticed it wasn't that accurate so I decided to make another one. I hope you enjoy. Take this quiz! What do you think you are.

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You quietly approach the scene of the action and see a group of same-sex people frolicking naked in the water and tanning on the shore. These days, many of these places offer more than just male and female restrooms.

Am i bi or bi curious quiz

If you were to take a trip to a deserted island and could bring just one book to read, which one of these would you choose? These days, many of these places offer more than just male and female restrooms. If you have ever been at a venue such as a mall, airport, or a restaurant and you have needed to heed the call of nature then you know you have some choices.

Am i bi or bi curious quiz

Am i bi or bi curious quiz

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Still, there are those that nominate that platform and those that vehemently close it. Conclude 19 Another is your favorite Europe movie?.

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