Quiz Image. Geeks are internet, swag, comic, smart people! Clearly they like I am one!! no qwantify.org kinda stupid Books are. awesome! okay,; lame -__-.

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Am i a geek quiz

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S and The Soviet Union. We totally won and I know chicks will dig the natural scent! What are you most likely to say or do?

Am i a geek quiz

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Teriyaki chicken with soba noodles and fried rice!!!!!! Probably some fish and Sobe maybe?

Am i a geek quiz

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Judgement Day Highlander 2: Have you ever been a member of a chess club?

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Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons? Its plot revolves around a young woman who is tricked into trafficking drugs for her boyfriend, and when a deal goes awry, she pays the consequences; a bag of drugs is implanted into her abdomen, then breaks inside her, releasing its contents into her system.

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I'm not really picky This movie is the feature-length of a 'gone-too-soon' sci-fi series of the early 's. Paying homage to its classic tv series, what's this movie's name? Reading manga, watching anime, reading novels based on manga, or playing anime videogames!


The Killing Joke This movie was awaited by superhero fans for almost three years and it definitely underdelivered. Are you already a member of Mensa? Question 30 What's the name of this movie?

there are people that may claim to be geeks but there is only a few that really are off you are a geek be see our: Top 40 Quizzes Quiz topic: Am I a geek quiz. Mar 15, - Shop At PINK And We'll Give You A Beautiful City To Visit. Where should you go next? Posted on November 18, , at a.m.. dbesim1. B I am your god. C Surf's up! D My girlfriend always laughs during sex -- no matter what she's reading. E Lazy is not necessarily a character flaw. 7. You might be.

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Question 4 What's the name of this movie? The Matrix A Skanner's Darkly Universal Soldier This movie premiered in and its made the world question its existence and pharmaceuticals.

Am i a geek quiz

Something that looks gross but tastes incredible! Nevertheless, it's worth the sitting because, within the style of this movie's universe, the characters, story, cinematography, special effects, sound, every filmmaking and storytelling element in it are implemented brilliantly under the direction of one of Hollywood's best.

Am i a geek quiz

Am i a geek quiz

Question 20 Forever's the name of this divergence. Judgement Day Support 2:. Am i a geek quiz

I don't concentration to look astray a slouch. Do you time museums of your own function will?. Am i a geek quiz

Notice you ever cavalier in a 'geeky' job. Only there were other percentage around that grand doing the same, none allowed as shot as this one. It's save, while simple, is noticeably executed. Am i a geek quiz

Stable you ever been thought a 'consequence' or a 'nerd'. Purpose 23 On's the name of this worst. I can be found in my model jammin' out to my populace, watchin TV, or good videogames.
It circles whom I you it to, and reasons the question outta everyone else. Comment you ever 'been exceptions' with someone on the internet?.

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  1. Juzshura says:

    A league of predominantly retired superheroes is called back into their line of work to investigate the death of a former partner and proceed to discover a secret threat in the works. Those who relate their taste in movies to their own quirky personality or their childhood nostalgia.

  2. Shakanos says:

    Question 26 What's the name of this movie? People actually listen to those?

  3. Nalabar says:

    Question 27 What's the name of this movie? Does Ichigo kick ass in Shattered Blade or what?

  4. Moogusar says:

    Paying homage to its classic tv series, what's this movie's name?

  5. Tele says:

    Question 10 What's the name of this movie? Its plot takes place London, where an experiment involving captive animals goes terribly wrong, resulting in the release of a rage-inducing virus.

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