Apr 4, - That would be great if those 4, words were full of self-affirmation and The podcast has covered a range of topics, including how to quit an.

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Affirmation podcast

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Would recommend to anyone, especially anyone with anxiety or chronic illness. Lead 5 Podcasts to Eliminate Negative Self-Talk Talking to yourself isn't a bad thing -- but the fact that up to 70 percent of your words are negative is a very bad thing. He invites people from a variety of backgrounds to ruminate on happiness, success, and how our daily rituals and routines can tie into creating both.

Affirmation podcast

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Getty Images People talk to themselves -- a lot. Sometimes I don't even focus on Josie's amazing words, although they are amazing, but instead, i just try to let them sink into my head so that I can retrain my brain.

Affirmation podcast

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Every morning, I begin my day with a short walk outside while listening to affirmations by Josie. It honestly has helped me focus on time for myself and change my daily thoughts into those of positivity. Because we believe our self-talk , that negativity can overwhelm our positive, energizing thoughts and put a damper on our motivation. Truly such a beautiful gift you bring to the world, Josie!

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The Affirmation podcast is a vital tool that has helped me on my path to personal development. She has brought peace in the hardest times of my life. Thank you a million times, Josie!

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It was very hard to identify them. The Best episode is refreshing and empowering.

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I have even shared links to her podcast to a women's group I lead. Mornings by Fahrenheit on Dec 08, Rating: I'm someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety, and can't place a value on how much your work helps me.

The Strong Within Daily Affirmation self-help Podcast will remind you about the power of words and help you have more confidence in shining your most. I've been featured on MTV, I host a daily affirmation podcast, and I am currently finishing up a book on having the confidence to go after what matters to you. Listen to The Strong Within Weekly Affirmation Podcast: Inspiration l Change l Confidence l Lifestyle Architect l Wellness & Self Help episodes free, on demand.

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Every morning, I begin my day with a short walk outside while listening to affirmations by Josie. I would be lost without it! I appreciate all her hard work and thoughtfulness that goes into each purposeful episode.

Affirmation podcast

Really great interviews, mindset prompts and guided affirmations. A life-brightening, uplifting podcast.

Affirmation podcast

Affirmation podcast

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