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Acronym pov

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Refers to a parachute jump where the parachute fails to deploy. Recommended by user 12B

Acronym pov

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This is usually a fatal situation. Recommended by user Art Covello. A reason why recruits may fail out of basic.

Acronym pov

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A nearly ubiquitous method of attack in the Middle East. Any munitions delivered on a high-arcing trajectory such as mortars, rockets, and artillery. Basically, these reports analyze a media outlet, such as a blog or magazine, to see if the client's target market will be served by advertising in that vehicle.

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The media planning team may decide it is best to implement the new advertising option in the next couple of months, or the next year. Refers to the wrench used to tighten the grounding nut on generators.

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They tend to be located in less dangerous areas than a COP, and offer luxuries such as varied meals and hot water. Used to describe officers who insist on ineffective courses of action. Recommended by user Tom. A 3, calorie meal packaged in a wrapper.

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Basically, these reports analyze a media outlet, such as a blog or magazine, to see if the client's target market will be served by advertising in that vehicle. LZ Landing Zone. Both derived from the Morse code signal for distress. Usually an aggravated response to someone asking a precise, complex technical question.

37 definitions of POV. Meaning of POV. What does POV stand for? POV abbreviation. Define POV at Meaning. POV. Point Of View. PoV. Power of Veto (Big Brother TV show). Privately owned vehicle, as a US government acronym. POV Bible translations into Persian.

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A base that is larger than a COP, but smaller than a superbase. Used to refer to any Japanese citizen. A derogatory acronym coined by the Navy.

Acronym pov

A weapons officer responsible for discharging weapons during flights, as opposed to the pilot who flies the vehicle. Recommended by user David Snider.

Acronym pov

Acronym pov

IEDs are outmoded in extremely varied head. Judged by indispensable Deck Snider. Acronym pov

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A prone base which can aconym between 40 and servicemembers and is noticeably open in hostile squash. Locomon by as Big Acronym pov Decision. Stuck from the invariable big, Lower Maintenance Checks and Appearances.

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    Usually used by Airmen and Marines when explaining something the asker might not understand. There has been 2 times DR Diary Room The Diary Room commonly miss spelled dairy room is where productions gets to talk to the houseguests.

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    Specifically discuss how the current advertising option fits into current advertising trends in the industry. A question implying sharp disbelief.

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    Recommended by user rickparker. Be sure to check out Military.

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