The "vulnerable elderly" are those older adults who are at highest risk for serious declines in health and function. The Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders (ACOVE) project developed a short questionnaire to identify non-institutionalized vulnerable elders. Introduction to the.

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In the second round, we carefully checked the objectives of the studies and included those papers that used the ACOVE QIs set 1, 2 or 3 or adaptations of those QIs to assess the quality of care of elderly patients. Disagreements in each round between the two reviewers were resolved by consensus. Results of data synthesis A total of 41 articles met our selection criteria.


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However, most explicit methods for the assessment of the quality of care of elderly people are not comprehensive. Figure 1 Diagram S1 shows the article selection flow diagram. If the two reviewers were unable to reach consensus a third reviewer was involved AA to make a final decision. Two reviewers MA, PW independently examined the collected studies in two rounds.


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For each QI we obtained its mean score i. Congress abstracts were also excluded because they often provide limited details.

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Due to these properties, the ACOVE quality indicator set has a unique place amidst screening and assessment methods for measuring the quality of care of elders, especially the vulnerable ones. This helps focus attention to the low and high scoring conditions per setting.

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Study selection English-language studies meeting our criteria published prior to January The quality scores showed large variation between and within conditions.

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In the second round both reviewers independently assessed the full text of the articles selected in the first round. When possible, the results of the studies were combined, e. Studies have shown that elderly patients do not receive the care that is known to be appropriate for them [3] , [4]. In the case of interventional studies, we used the QI scores of the control group for this analysis.

Quality indicators developed for the ACOVE project, Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders. The quality indicators are designed to evaluate the care provided to. Mar 19, - Previous efforts such as Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders (ACOVE) provide quality indicators for assessing the care of elderly patients, but. The Assessing Care Of the Vulnerable Elderly (ACOVE) initiative has resulted number of articles describe the application of ACOVE to assess quality of care.

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These sub-categories were then organized into larger categories and put into a thematic conceptual model. Results The database search resulted in articles. Interquartile ranges were provided where it was possible to do so when more than four numbers were available.


This set consists of explicitly phrased IF—THEN clinical rules with comprehensive coverage of general medical and geriatric conditions. Introduction The elderly population forms a precarious group characterized by multimorbidity, frailty and polypharmacy, leading to more complex care [1] , [2].



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