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This just simply is not true, and many asexuals hold regular relationships despite their sexuality. It has been found that some asexuals experience lower arousal and also less intense orgasms and less neural activity when having sex. They too, can cut off sex and will have lost nothing of real value.


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Someone who experiences no romantic attraction to any gender Asexual: Largely, asexuals think and feel as sex as something completely alien to them.


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Recall what we discussed in the previous post about romantic orientations. Did my own personal perspective help or hinder the discussion? It may give you insight to the community or how some asexuals feel.


Even individuals who are aromantic, though they may not desire a romantic relationship, may still want to love others and engage in relationships. The first thing you should know is the basic definition of asexuality. Just as there are the numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, consider those sexual orientations in-between each number are infinitely more numbers, or more orientations, than those most common.

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What ultimately defines you as an asexual is your limited or nonexistent sexual attraction to people. A lot of research is going into asexuality at the moment, and while some of us have a lower libido or sex drive, there is generally nothing found to be wrong with our hormones.

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Because asexuals are not attracted to people sexually, they are often confused and struggle with the realization of their orientation for a long time. As there are some closeted gay individuals in a heterosexual relationship, there too are closeted asexuals in a sexual relationship.

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I currently identify as heteroromantic, meaning I am romantically attracted to men. For asexuals, that interest never shows, it never blooms, and we could wait years for it and it would never pop up. They too, can cut off sex and will have lost nothing of real value.


You can be all these things, and still asexual. If you would like to see a full list, I would recommend http:



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    They too, can cut off sex and will have lost nothing of real value. A few links I believe are quite handy include, http:

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    You can be all these things, and still asexual. Recall what we discussed in the previous post about romantic orientations.

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    Some of us would if we could.

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