What Astrology has to say about a Cancer zodiac sign female and her character, relationships, love styles, and friendships.

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About cancer horoscope woman

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She can be hurt unintentionally, so her partner must be tactful and sensitive. However, they will not plan a revenge against the person who has hurt them.

About cancer horoscope woman

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She wants to focus on you, not the surroundings. Interests Cancerians tend to be interested in fantasy, the occult and everywhere their imaginations can take them.

About cancer horoscope woman

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The Cancer woman is stylish and up to date in fashion, but will maintain a somewhat conservative wardrobe. She can be irrational, oversensitive and too quiet, and the best way to approach her is to see her emotional side as her biggest virtue. Often she is glad to actually leave behind the troubled years of her adolescence and young adulthood, and finds peace in later years. She will be nurturing in whatever role she takes on, whether it is running a home or a corporation.

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But in case you think you can easily date this beauty, be forewarned that she is no pushover. What we rarely read in different astrological approaches to Cancer and is important to keep in mind is that she will really want to travel, maybe more than anything else. A Cancer woman loves her comfort food, sometimes too much. They can also be quick to latch onto an insult and beat themselves up over it.

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Her home is her outward shell, the place she can retreat to when the world seems too big and threatening. In fact, to learn more about your positive and negative qualities, you can order Your Horoscope Analysis report, basis your Birth Chart, which is prepared by our astute astrologers.


There is a deep understanding to her that all things are balanced in nature, and that everything we give comes back to us. Scorpio is very good at this, while Pisces arouses her more romantic passions.

What Astrology has to say about a Cancer zodiac sign female and her character, relationships, love styles, and friendships. The female Cancer zodiac sign is one of maternal instincts and desires, a protective nature and the moodiness Cancers seem to be known for. What else do. The latest in astrological trends by Susan Miller, comprehensive, complete, intelligent The Cancer woman is careful about who she gives her heart to, because.

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They will carefully consider all the pros and cons and then make a move. Sexually, she can be distant, but the right lover will arouse intense passion. Her ability to give herself wholly in love is both her greatest happiness and her greatest cross to bear.

About cancer horoscope woman

She is the quiet but competent worker to watch for. Just in case, as if maybe their partner cannot protect themselves. Have chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert and feed her each by hand, one by one.

About cancer horoscope woman

About cancer horoscope woman

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    Stomach and chest Motto:

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    Naturally maternal and domestic, the Cancer woman is the caregiver in her relationships.

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    So, if you hear the slamming of doors or stomping of feet, it might be best to find her and see if she needs to talk about it. Cancer women are also interested in nurturing plants, animals and other people.

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