Jun 30, - A handful of dates by Tayeb Salih (short story) In this the reader sees a conflict in what a person thinks is the correct way to lead life and treat.

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A handful of dates conflict

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And I had felt an inward and unreasoned embarrassment. I heard him make a noise in his throat like the rasping of a sheep being slaughtered.

A handful of dates conflict

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This short story could be useful, first based on the length. The effectiveness with which Tayeb Salih mastered the use of symbolic features throughout "A Handful of dates" to tie the story's external action to the theme and display the everlasting struggle between good and evil is one of the many reasons why this short story will continue to raise the interest and passion of millions of readers both locally and abroad.

A handful of dates conflict

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I saw Masood filling the palms of both hands with dates and bringing them up close to his nose, then returning them. The author's personal beliefs and philosophies play the upper hand in interpreting the underlying connotation of the story's subject matter. To demonstrate this, we can refer to many symbolic implicit-yet provocative- signs which prevail throughout the story. I fancy you don't like our neighbor Masood?

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The Modern Sudanese Novel. More time than the narrator does with his father. They formed a circle around the sacks of dates and began examining them, some taking a date or two to eat. There was a vast number of people there, but though I knew them all, I found myself for some reason watching Masood:

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The storyteller does briefly go into how he was an avid learner of the Qua ran and enjoyed his schooling in it. The storyteller was with his grandfather one day when they started talking about a man Masood. The storyteller sees a harvest of dates, where at the end the grandfather states that Masood still owes him fifty pounds of dates.

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Understanding nothing, I looked at Masood and saw that his eyes were darting to left and right like two mice that have lost their way home. Though tiny and brief, the story intelligently amalgamates all the tools necessary to accomplish a comprehensive picture for an theme of exploitation: Hawla Thulathiat El Tayeb Salih: It is as though the narrator is coming of age.

Dec 15, - Setting: "A Handful of Dates" is set in the fictional village of Wad Hamid in central Sudan where they practice the reading of Koran. Like this, a young boy, the main character of the story, “A Handful of Dates”, An inner conflict develops when he found his grandfather is greedy, which he. Jun 17, - A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih. In A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih we have the theme of connection, control, greed, selfishness, rejection, injustice, conflict and coming of age.

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The physical description of the exploiter i. My grandfather then continued:

A handful of dates conflict

The action of this story, as with many of the stories written by El Tayeb Salih, occurs in the fictional setting of the village of Wad Hamid, which is in Central Sudan. Hearing my grandfather call after me, I hesitated a little, then continued on my way.

A handful of dates conflict

A handful of dates conflict

Heinemann, Liable Expectations Question, No. The worst of people wide up, except for Hussein the previous, Mousa the temperature of the relationship next to ours on the unruly, and two men I'd never drawn before. But in his hand suggested otherwise. A handful of dates conflict

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  1. Marn says:

    The end of the story is also interesting as the connection that the narrator felt with his grandfather has been transferred to Masood.

  2. Kazrakus says:

    How much control and power the narrator has is noticeable by way of the fact that Masood is given none of the harvest. The latter being one of them; it can also refer to the exploitation practiced by nationals when a powerful individual or firm uses or abuses his status or capacities to bring others to their knees underpay them, forcing them to lose hold of their possessions, snapping the fruition of their labor, standing on the way of their development, denying their right to share power, wealth, luxury, etc.

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