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Specifically, the controversy surrounding the resignation of a prominent media figure assigned to cover the Vikings this season. Hamilton, a San Diego sports talk-show host for 15 years and an NFL broadcaster for 13, resigned his position as Vikings' play-by-play man after coming under fire for racially insensitive comments made during his XTRA tenure. Just because you're black doesn't mean you're guaranteed a major-market job. It has been chronicled by local newspapers for years, but only gained the attention of Twin Cities media when it was announced that Hamilton, who broadcast the Chargers for 11 years and the Seattle Seahawks for two, would be joining the Vikings' radio team.


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Nearly every entry in that renowned work has been revised and updated and scores of completely new entries have been added to produce an indispensable guide to the political language being used and abused in America today. For anyone who wants to cut through the verbal haze that surrounds so much of American political discourse, Safire's Political Dictionary offers a work of scholarship, wit, insiderhood and resolute bipartisanship.


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Indeed, a Safire definition often reads like a mini-essay in political history, and readers will come away not only with a fuller understanding of particular words but also a richer knowledge of how politics works, and fails to work, in America. Specifically, Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton.

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But life's going to go on. He refused to return any of my phone calls. Topic on the table:

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He wrote a column in this black weekly shopper. Specifically, the recently hired play-by-play radio broadcaster for the Vikings. He says he talked with people familiar with Hamilton's show and after hearing tapes of some of Hamilton's remarks, he decided to "just [write] about what he said.

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I'm a stand-up guy and I'm an honest-to-goodness good person. From Axis of Evil, Blame Game, Bridge to Nowhere, Triangulation, and Compassionate Conservatism to Islamofascism, Netroots, Earmark, Wingnuts and Moonbats, Slam Dunk, Doughnut Hole, and many others, this language maven explains the origin of each term, how and by whom and for what purposes it has been used or twisted, as well as its perceived and real significance. It's not fair to me and it's not fair to my kids.

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But the people who wanted me out, fairly or unfairly, got their way, because I'm just not going to stand in any more crossfire. I'm a stand-up guy and I'm an honest-to-goodness good person.


If you're black and you want to go to Pocatello and start and work like a bunch of us did, then maybe you deserve to get into a major market. He wrote a column in this black weekly shopper.



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