What do you want
— right now?

You know that feeling — that pull — to have, do, or experience. You want something. Maybe it's something simple like a cup of coffee. Or maybe it's more involved, like seeing friends or success in your career. What drives you, and how does that impact your life? qwantify can help you find out.

qwantify is a research project that investigates the relationship between desire and happiness. By using this free app, you can learn how your desires affect your mood, stress, and well-being. And you'll also be contributing to science!

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Sign up
Download the app and complete the sign-up process in about 10 minutes.


Complete surveys
Respond to questions about your desires and feelings a few times every day over the next 2 – 3 weeks.


Get your data
Learn about your desires, happiness, and well-being through personalized charts. Download your own data.

What’s in it for you?

Learn about yourself

As you progress through the study, more charts and graphs will be unlocked to show your personal patterns. Is the experience of wanting associated with how you feel every day? How are your desires related to stress and well-being? You can also download your own data anytime.

Example chart

Contribute to science

Help us understand more about your unique experience of wanting — paint us a picture that we could not see any other way. As you participate with thousands of others, you’ll improve our knowledge about what people want, and how this impacts daily life. You can be an active part of moving science forward!

What’s in it for us?

Study the mind

What do people want, and why? Through this study, we will learn about the wants and feelings of unique individuals, and discover underlying similarities and differences across individuals.

Improve mental life

How do our desires relate to our happiness? The pull of desire can be both energizing and draining. It can motivate us or distract us. Can we make life a little better in the everyday if we understand this dynamic?

Make data more meaningful

Technological advances are allowing scientists to ask questions on a new scale. Never before have we been able to learn so much about people’s experiences in the context of their daily lives (instead of the lab). Using a mobile app like qwantify, we can now include thousands of people in our study, making the data much more accurate and relevant to diverse populations.

Get started

Questions? Email support@qwantify.org.